Sunday, May 22, 2011

Still Walking Down the Digital Path with a bit of a Different Swagger

My career has been a winding path on the digital superhighway to say the least. I began in the early 90s in interactive marketing with digital start-up agencies (I remember posting on newsgroups using 2400 baud modem - completely dating myself, aren't I?), switched to in-house with large corporations in online brand marketing, then IT project management, back online brand marketing which evolved into integrated interactive marketing and then my latest gig - social media.

Friday was my last day with H&R Block. I am no longer the Director of Social Media for the best tax company in the business. It was a very sad farewell as the people that make up the spirit of Block are some of the brightest-minded and dedicated individuals that I've come across in the corporate world. I will forever be indebted to so many of them for their support, friendship and guidance. We had an amazing two tax seasons together and I'm excited to see how Block continues to integrate social media into its core operations, marketing and communication efforts.

So where am I off to are you wondering????

I doubt it's a surprise to those of you that know me well...I'm heading to Edelman, specifically Edelman Digital as VP of Digital Strategy. I'm excited to join Dan Cornell's team and work with industry friends David Armano, Dave Fleet, and Phil Gomes and industry mentor, Rick Murray. I'm staying in Kansas City but will be traveling to Chicago frequently for work and to grab rides on David's Harley every now and again with Mrs. Armano's blessing.

It's been 15 years since I've been on the digital agency side...I'm craving it and can't wait to start down this new path. I'm really looking forward to sharing more here again about this industry and the passion I have for it.

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